About Paula Jones

Paula’s working career began as a professional dancer, then as a dance teacher and later a Pilates instructor.

In her early twenties, she suffered from a sudden unexpected decline in health. She experienced persistent chronic symptoms. These included systemic muscular pain, digestive issues and debilitating arthritis. There was no obvious cause.

After years of hospital visits and relentless tests she was & diagnosed with M.E. aged 27.

In seeking to manage her own health, Paula developed an interest in nutrition. She grew curious of its ability to influence health and wellbeing. Her interest developed further through pregnancy & following her father’s diagnosis of bowel cancer at only 49 years old. His prognosis was poor.

Her motivation to learn and use the knowledge gained through interest led her to study at the UK College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH). She graduated 8 years later with distinction. Paula has since worked in Nutrition Education at BCNH, supporting the learning of BSc. Honours students in clinical practice.


She went on to become Clinic Director at Good Health Nutrition (GHN). Then more recently resident Nutritional Therapist for Nuffield Health. She has worked in private practice with digestive issues, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and female health concerns.

Paula’s personal experience has given insight into life changing health problems and coping with chronic ill health. She strongly believes that developing an understanding of nutrition and health enables clients to make informed choices & get back in the driving seat of their own health. In December 2017 Paula celebrated her father’s 70th Birthday alongside her son’s 18th!



The British College of Nutrition and Health runs a variety of courses and Paula has qualified for a diploma in nutrition and health by following a qualified program.


Paula is a Member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine that oversees the activities, training and Continuing Professional Development of its practitioners and has a governing council.


The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council were set up by the government to protect the public. They do this by providing an independent UK register of complementary healthcare practitioners of which, Paula is one.

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