Gut and Gastro-Intestinal Health Quiz

Ever thought you had problems with your gut, digestive system as a whole or any part of it? Put up with little niggles here and there and put it down to one of those things? Or feel fine generally but want to make sure everything is ok in there? Then take our quiz. It’s not a substitute for proper tailored medical advice or our free, over the phone, 15 minute consultations but it will provide you with a guide to in what state your gastrointestinal health currently stands and will give you the information to take matters to the next stage should you decide to do so.


Over the course of twelve questions, together we’ll delve into your overall concerns such as the frequency of abdominal pains or cramps which is the body’s way of warning you there is something wrong. The consistency of your stools is another indication of a problem and can help with diagnosis of the type of issue we are dealing with. At the other end there’s heartburn and acid reflux to consider and also bloating or indigestion. 


Your lifestyle can obviously affect the health of your digestive system, after all what you put in to your gut is going to have a bearing on how it operates. Alcohol and processed food being areas of particular concern as they are known to have implications for digestive health. General mood and overall wellness can be affected so it can help with diagnosis as well as being unpleasant to live with.


Depending on your answers we can then make an assessment on whether you are at risk of poor gut health and the level of that risk. You then have the option to be emailed your results to peruse them at your leisure.