GI Ecologix



Think you have H. pylori? Worried that you are suffering from IBS? Find out what your body is trying to tell you.

This is the ultimate stool test for gut and microbiome issues. It is a thorough scientific assessment of immune function, digestion and gut health. As such we use this test as a fundamental part of our treatment of IBS, SIBO, H pylori and other gut inflammation problems.

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The GI EcologiX test gives comprehensive analysis for gastro-intestinal and chronic microbial indicators, including bacteria, yeast and parasites. The test contains everything that you need in order to conduct a simple, hygienic stool sample at home. Full instructions and resources include all return materials. The Invivo lab will undertake scientific analysis of the sample to assess:

  • inflammation
  • immune function efficacy
  • digestive health
  • gut barrier health
  • occult blood (detects blood in the GI Ecologix sample that is not visible on regular inspection)

Additional indicators exceed 60 specific items and address issues such as:

  • inflammatory bowel disorder
  • mucin degradation
  • gut barrier impairment
  • short chain fatty acid production
  • SIBO
  • H pylori
  • dysbiosis (a reduction in microbial diversity)

Due to the nature of the GI Ecologix tests involved the turnaround time for this test will be 15-20 days.


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