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What happens at a consultation?

A very comprehensive Health Questionnaire (HQ) will be emailed to you at the time of booking your consultation. You will be asked to complete it as fully as possible with as much information as possible. Usually, you will be sent the questionnaire in a word document format so you can complete it easily on your computer and can simply email it back, but you do have the option to print, hand write it and scan it if you prefer. If you have copies of tests from your GP or specialist then please include copies of those tests to us prior to your consultation, as far in advance as possible.

The information submitted prior to the consultation will be reviewed by your nutritionist in advance and at the consultation key aspects of your questionnaire response will be focused on and a full personal health history will be taken. Once we have gathered all information possible we will explain the possible causes of your condition and clearly explain any recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes, clinical tests (and why) and also any nutritional supplements which could be helpful. This is very much a collaborative process and the patient is encouraged to ask questions.

You can expect to leave the consultation having felt that you have been really listened to (maybe for the first time!) and you will have a good understanding of the process you are undertaking. You will no doubt also be given some homework to do and usually this is in the form of a trial elimination of common culprit foods or a test for stomach acidity, stool transit time etc. Any tests which are required will be ordered for you to either your home or other address (all tests are in unidentifiable packaging) and you will receive additional information such as recipes, dietary guidelines, recommended books and websites etc.

Your initial follow up consultation will focus on the outcome of any dietary changes, the results of any home work tests and will include a full explanation of any test results received from the lab. Full copies of all test results will be given to you at the consultation. Further follow-ups take place typically at 3-5 week intervals and are determined by progress in achieving symptom relief and patient preference.

Consultation Costs (1 Hour)

Consultation type Cost
In person at Wimpole Street & Weymouth Street clinics: £175
In person at our Maidenhead clinic: £150
Telephone or Skype consultations: £150

Please note: Supplements and tests are charged as extra items and 30 minute sessions are not applicable for first time consultations as a full hour is needed to ensure all information has been gathered..