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Marc Spriggs
Marc Spriggs
A very professional and helpful service. Tracey has excellent knowledge of the IBS condition I had been suffering with. She was able to highlight what was causing the troubles I was experiencing and helped devise an action plan to solve it !!
Tom Salvat
Tom Salvat
Tracey and IBS clinics have always been fantastic. They have the most forward thinking testing and approaches. IBS is more complex than the NHS will ever admit, so its great that services like this exist.
Tracy Challinor
Tracy Challinor
After suffering from IBS for over 20 years it had become difficult for me to tolerate most foods without unpleasant consequences. I was fed up with the constant bloating and people asking me if I was pregnant. Following breath, blood and stool tests I was diagnosed with SIBO and put on the vegetarian SIBO Phasic diet. I felt nauseous to begin with but this soon went. I have now embraced the diet and continued it through the Christmas period. Apart from growing my own pak choi and mung bean sprouts I have also made tofu and falafel from the okara. Tracey also tailored supplements to my specific needs. Only 3 weeks into the diet, a further blood test showed that my cholesterol and thyroid had significantly improved. I have lost 7 inches from my waist and lost 12 pounds. I have now been with IBS Clinics for 3 months. I feel brilliant and so energetic. I had been regularly seeing an osteopath but now my aches and pains have gone. My IBS is now under control. In short, Tracey has turned my life around and I feel like a new person.


Private consultations can be held on Zoom or Skype. 

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We are the leading IBS Clinic in London. We are helping people from around the world via Zoom and Skype. With testing resources available through Europe and Asia, you too can get attention and help from the leading IBS Clinic in London.

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