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Our simple-to-use gut health home tests give answers. We source our tests from the leading labs around the world and you can order many of the leading ones directly from us on this site.

As leading practitioners in all fields related to gut health, we have had the chance to work with test providers and laboratories for several years. Drawing on this experience we have created a focused list of test that we are confident that you can take at home to give meaningful insight into your gut health.

Our gut health home tests

You can order from a range of leading gut health tests directly from this website. Our home tests contain everything you need to carry them out. The results will be sent directly to you as they are clear and straightforward to interpret. 

Once you’ve read the test results and analysis, if you would like a more in detail discussion about them with one of our team please book a Test Assessment Session.

The human body contains trillions of microorganisms, called microbiota, that live within our intestinal tract. These microbes are essential to our overall well being—they help us digest food, produce vitamins, keep harmful pathogens out, and synthesise hormones. But the composition of our microbiome varies dramatically among individuals, and there is growing evidence suggesting that it plays a role in many diseases, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, asthma, cancer, and even ageing.

A healthy gut microbiome is one that supports good digestion, immunity, and mental health. However, the balance of beneficial versus detrimental microbes can shift due to diet, stress, antibiotic use, and age. This imbalance can lead to inflammation, leaky gut, and other problems.

Gut microbiome testing provides personalised insight into the state of your gut health. By identifying specific strains of gut bacteria, you can determine whether you have a balanced ecosystem or suffer from imbalances like dysbiosis, overgrowth, undergrowth, or bloating.


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Have test results and want to discuss them?

If you have taken a test, and your results raise questions or there are issues that you wish to talk through from the analysis, then pleaser book a 60-minute focused consultation with us. 

We can help reassure you, plan any action that you want to take or indeed discuss the results in general.

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